Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Willing to work badly...

Once again, Julia Cameron has inspired , challenged and rescued me.
I'm reading her The Sound of Paper, and loving the simple profundity of her insights and gentle wisdom. She seems less pedantic than in The Artist's Way, which just got on my nerves when I first read it about five years ago.
Today, Julia helped me see that 'In order to work freely, we must be willing to work badly, and once we are, we are often able to do good work indeed.'
I don't think these are particularly 'good' pieces, but they are free and they are fun - I was playing with oil crayons in the first and bits and pieces from my collage box in the other two. There was no planning - which I often do with collage - it was all free flow...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

And look - a real canvas!!

My first EVER!! OMGosh, what a milestone! It may only be 5"x7" but it's HUGE to me!!
Be sure to click on the image so you can read the words - some more of my favourite quotes are spilling out of this gal's head! And yes, she's another of Teesha's amazing creations :o) Some day soon I'll pluck up the courage to create some of my own - but one step at a time...


... some true, honest, unadulterated artistic expression!!
This is going to be my best art journal yet! Not least because it's made of 'real' art paper, so it can pretty take whatever I slap on it - which is giving me so much freedom of expression... including making my favourite acrylic ink splodges! Don't you just love the intensity of the fire they spread across the page???
I have been well and truly sprinkled by the Creativity Fairy - that's her on the first page - one of Teesha Moore's creations - how I LOVE that woman's art!!!!!!!! And I'm finally 'allowing' myself to use the collage sheets I bought from her ages ago!
The second page is pure experimentation with my new Stewart Gill paints - wetting, swirling, dry brushing and finally a light iron over...
... and then, of course, I have to scribble all over it! I'm rapidly realizing words need to be a key part of whatever picture I make :o)
Oh, and be sure to click on the first image so you can actually see the words - some of my all-time favourite quotes are spilling out the Creativity Fairy - all part of the magick!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

There HAD to be some doors...

And emblazoned across the back I wrote the words 'Dance Your Art Out!' - something I've been learning how to do every day for the past few months!

Second blank card

The all-important question!!! I LOVE the stamps I used on the backgrounds here - they were some of the first I bought...

First blank card

These blank cards were slotted in the open-end pages of the paper bag book. I had so much fun playing with stamps and favourite images to decorate and embellish - and to make them really 'mine'!

Pages 9--10

Pages 5--8

Pages 1--4

The bottom photo shows a wee moth I found on the bathroom shelf one morning - it was such a beautiful gift - I had to preserve it :o)

Wee paper bag book

These are the front & back covers of a wee paper bag book I received from my Artella Spring Sprite earlier this year. The basic elements of the book were there - and each open-ended 'page' contained a blank card. What follows are the pages of the book and the various tags and cards I stamped and embellished. I had so much fun with this and realized I'd probably really enjoy an altered book round robin when I feel more competent in my skills.... The covers bear the words 'believe', 'create' and 'everyday art'...

The eyes have it...

This was my take on a card challenge for the craft group I belong to: 'The eyes are the windows of the soul'. I had so much fun making this! I just love playing with words and pictures :o)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Final pages

It was really noticeable in this first art journal that the words got fewer as I got more confident in the images I wanted to make - the images said all I wanted to say...

Serious play time!!

The greatest of discoveries....

Then I started REALLY experimenting - and started keeping an art journal - oh my!!

Handmade books

Then in July I went on a one-day bookmaking class - and had such a blast!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My secret love

Then I made one just for me... with a cute little fairy hiding under the tag :o)

... so I made a door atc

With doors you open - I called it Discover the door to your dreams...

Letter D atc challenge

The bottom one I also call my disenchanted queen - and as it turned out I couldn't part with her, so I had to make another atc for the challenge...

Letter G atc challenge

Trying out using different fabrics for the green atc; and the word 'silence' is revealed in a piece of a poem by Byron in the 'Silence is Golden' atc.

Father's Day card

Another birthday card

Putting it all together

Then I used as many techniques as I'd learnt so far for a friend's birthday card: alcohol inks to make the background, one of the clay pieces as a focal point , tea-dyed lace for decoration - and one of my favourite quotes: live long, laugh often, love much

Playing with polymer clay

Then in June I booked a day in my diary as an art day and I spent ALL day (well, 9am--3pm - while the kids were at school!) making stuff! The first thing was to play with polymer clay and some moulds I'd bought - I had SO much fun!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Out of Africa atc

Now this was a whole other challenge - to make a completely paperless atc!! We were allowed to use paper for the envie and if the piece needed some stiffening for posting it. Thank goodness I still had loads of cross-stitch supplies - and the mask is from a bunch of ebay goodies I bought from Fran Burras - I hadn't discovered the fun of polymer clay for myself yet :o)

Second Romance card

This was a second card - using many more of the goodies in the challenge bag - and was much more in keeping with what the other women in the group produced...

Romance in Paris challenge

This is my interpretation of the next group challenge. Those who took part were sent a bag of goodies by the list mum and we had to make a card for our assigned partner using those pieces. On a recent trip to the States I'd found this wonderful book 7 Gypsies in Paris which I just HAD to use. So I scanned the cover and changed the title, and added a few of the challenge pieces inside. An important thing I learnt making this piece was which glues do and which DON'T work with thin paper. It wasn't the most professional-looking thing I've made, nor did I use enough of the challenge pieces in it, but I DID enjoy doing it!

My second 'N is for' atc

On this little piece the compass turns round - you can see the similarities with the box I decorated. I love to make things that beg to be touched and played with. the little envelope has one of my all-time favourite sayings on it.