Saturday, February 24, 2007


... some true, honest, unadulterated artistic expression!!
This is going to be my best art journal yet! Not least because it's made of 'real' art paper, so it can pretty take whatever I slap on it - which is giving me so much freedom of expression... including making my favourite acrylic ink splodges! Don't you just love the intensity of the fire they spread across the page???
I have been well and truly sprinkled by the Creativity Fairy - that's her on the first page - one of Teesha Moore's creations - how I LOVE that woman's art!!!!!!!! And I'm finally 'allowing' myself to use the collage sheets I bought from her ages ago!
The second page is pure experimentation with my new Stewart Gill paints - wetting, swirling, dry brushing and finally a light iron over...
... and then, of course, I have to scribble all over it! I'm rapidly realizing words need to be a key part of whatever picture I make :o)
Oh, and be sure to click on the first image so you can actually see the words - some of my all-time favourite quotes are spilling out the Creativity Fairy - all part of the magick!!!


Blogger Pen said...

Love the notebooks, you are going to have a time of it creating art inside. I love the backgrounds, they are so gorgeous! Makes me want to will have to come to Alaska to teach me how! Too cool!

10:05 AM  

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